Search Engine Tips - Google, Yahoo, Bing (Formerly MSN)

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A part of being strong in search is spending a lot of time doing searches. We have found that most people do not understand the power that the Search Engines can unlock when they know a few Search Tips. This page is devoted to sharing some of the WebSight Creations favorite Search Engine Tips. We hope you enjoy them and are able to use them. Try these for yourself with your own words and phrases and see how much more you can get out of your favorite search engine.

Search Parameter Example Search Search Result
Two words together (AND) websight creations The words websight AND creations
OR websight OR creations The words websight OR creations
Phrase in "Quotes" "we put your site in sight" The exact phrase we put your site in sight
Minus - (NOT) websight -creations The word websight but NOT the word creations
Tilde Symbol ~ (Synonyms) websight ~creations The word websight AND both creations and the synonyms for creations
.. (Between) 80 gb ipod $100..$150 80 gb ipod between $100 and $150
Site (Specific site) websight The word websight appearing ANYWHERE on the site
define (Definition)* define:website The definition of the word website (also works for phrases)
Math Calculator (+, -, *, /) 10 + 39 Need a calculator? No - just reach for your nearest search engine (basic and advanced calculations)
music music:steven curtis chapman Music related information for Steven Curtis Chapman
stock msft Stock price and company information for Microsoft - just enter ticker symbol
weather weather san marcos ca Weather information for San Marcos, California
movie movie:national treasure Movie reviews, showtimes and locations for National Treasure

* This Search Parameter does not work in Yahoo, but does work in Google and Bing

These examples are provided to empower and enrich the readers. Many of the advanced parameters were adapted from the "Google Guide" by Nancy Blachman.